Our Mission

Mt. Carmel, Incorporated is a duly authorized 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, licensed in the State of North Carolina, established in 1997. We are dedicated to improving and enhancing the standard of living for the people of Eastern North Carolina counties: Carteret, Craven, Duplin, Greene, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Pamlico, Pitt and Wayne.

We provide quality neighborhood development through community revitalization strategies and we meet the need for quality affordable housing in its primary market areas. We also partner with other agencies to help eradicate hunger and homeless. Additionally, we provide outreach programs for civic and cultural issues. Lastly, Mt. Carmel, Inc. facilitates youth oriented social and civic outreach workshops.

Our Vision

Our vision is threefold: To impact our community and make a noticeable difference by providing shelter, food, disaster relief and much more to those in need. Next, we want to impact our neighboring cities and states, thus, helping us to spread the love of God, not just through words, but through demonstration. Lastly, we want to globalize our vision. Our overall goal is to not just go to church, but be the church that God designed us to be. In short, we want to solve the problems of homelessness, hunger, lack of resources, and whatever the need is. Here at Mt. Carmel Community Development, we are passionate about making a change in our community by changing the lives of the people who live here. If we can effectively meet the needs of our neighbors, our vision is to help other communities, cities, states and countries to meet the needs of their people as well.

Our President & Founder

A veteran of the United States Marine Corp, Archbishop Mayo knows all too much about discipline and order.

He is a native of Harlem, New York. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Divinity degree from Norfolk Seminary & College in Virginia. He earned a Ph.D. in Divinity from the College of Metaphysical Theology in Minnesota. He also has Post Doctrinal Fellowship Degrees in Counseling, Psychology and Theology.

Archbishop Mayo is married to his beautiful wife (Connie) of 32 years and counting. Together, they have seven children and eight grandchildren.

Archbishop Mayo exemplifies the true character of an archbishop in his marriage and he demonstrates his love and dedication to GOD through his love and dedication to his wife. The lessons he has learned over the course of his life and his marriage have been instrumental in helping many couples to remain married and get over the hurdles that present themselves to couples. He is passionate about the survival of the marriage unit, and this can be witnessed throughout the pages of his debut book, A Husband’s Guide to Staying Married.

Over the years, Archbishop Ronald Mayo has served in the ministry as a consecrated Bishop in the United American Free Will Baptist Denomination Incorporated. He is currently General Auditor and President of the United American Free Will Baptist Bible College in Kinston, North Carolina. In addition to these accomplishments, Archbishop Mayo has been awarded and recognized countless times over the course of his ministry, but of all of his medals and honors, he counts the success of his marriage as one of his greatest achievements. Of course, he gives all the glory and honor to God.

Our Board of Directors

Board Chair

Dr. Ronald R. Mayo
Mount Carmel
Term: 1997 –

Board Co-Chair

Mrs. Shirley M. White
Mount Carmel
Term: 1997 –

Director of Operations

Dr. Linda D. Gary
Mount Carmel
Term: 2006 –

Assistance Director of Operations

Dr. Jackie Gray
Mount Carmel
Term: 2006 –

Director of Administration

Mrs. Dreama F. Garrett
Mount Carmel
Term: 2010 –